My life for falconry

I'll tell you something about me ...
When I was a teenager, a city boy, born and raised in Rome, during a holiday in
Sardinia, in the 70s, I came into contact with a copy of Federico II's "De arte venandi
cum avibus", a treatise on falconry that is always current, and I was electrocuted! The
desire to enter that fascinating reality was immediately born in me and I managed to
have my first hawk, a sparrow hawk. This happened when in Italy falconry was not
so widespread and was practiced by a very small circle of people. I began to make the
first equipment for my hawks and passion led me towards choosing a life in contact
with nature and beloved hawks. The transfer to France, at a young age, was a
fundamental step because that's where my official entry into the world of Falconry
took place, starting to actively practice it in compliance with the strict rules of
ANFA, the authoritative association. It was in France that I began my work as a
craftsman in the creation of falconry equipment, such as gloves, hoods and other
accessories, and it was there that the transformation of this passion into a profession
took place: from that moment my life and Falconry were one! Among the equipment
that comes out of my hands, hawk hoods represent the products that excite me most
and that allow me to express all my creativity and artistic vein, while remaining
faithful to tradition. My first hoods were not sewn but put into shape on special self-
made wooden shapes. Over time I have improved my skills, I have learned to sew
leather, to design patterns, to choose and experiment with different types of leather to
create increasingly elaborate and remarkable models, in fine leathers such as
crocodile, lizard and breed, and even with finishes in gold and precious stones,
conquering the tastes of the Arab falconers, lovers of their ancient traditions, and of
the European ones, fascinated and illuminated by the legacy of Federico II. After a
few years there was the decision to return to Italy, and I chose the site where falconry
was born in Italy as the place to live in the Settevene reserve, in the Viterbo area. To
conclude, I can only say that falconry is inseparable from my life, it is a modus
vivendi, a vocation. Creating new models every day, experimenting with new
techniques and combinations is a fascinating challenge that continually renews the
passion of the beginning! Thank you for your time!

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