382108_384046865007707_956395492_nG. Pirrotta was born in Rome but his passion for Falconry explodes in Sardinia, spending a holyday during 1966. Coming back to Rome he starts to read everything he can find about Falconry up to the moment when he can buy his first bird: it was a Sparrohawk, very difficult for a beginner!

  G.Pirrotta leaves Italy to France , where he was married and where he starts to work in leather. His passion is increasing and practising falconry, he starts to very realize in Europe the tradition equipment for falcons: hoods, gloves, lures. Not only Giancarlo belongs to the tradition , which was quite lost in Europe in those years, but also starts to create his own models by a technic which was the reason of his success: his hoods are stitched into the borders of the skin only so are lighter, softer and more adaptable to the birds’ heads. 

To obtain that result, G. Pirrotta cuts, stitches and blocks the hoods by himself, using self-made blocks (he has about 45 different blocks) and sometimes warming too the whole work to have a perfect item. The artist, at last, revelates himself on the artisan, by developing decorations too progressive in Europe.
Today, G.Pirrotta is living not far from Rome, in an ancient farm rebuilt, dividing his time between his only job (Falconry) and his only passion (Falconry).

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  1. Dave steele dice:

    Hello my name is Dave and I own a falconry business in England i would like to ask you the cost of hawking gloves made of stallion leather or equivalent of. Do you also have suppliers of Falcons and do you make leather falconry bags with meat pouches in. Thank you Dave

  2. Steve Bonfiglio dice:

    I am hoping to bring Californian falconers to Sardinia in the near future. I am hoping you might be able to tell me who, and which organization or association could help in this. Thank you for your time.

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