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Trasport box

Car cadges


Entirely made of leather. Decoration with brassed-mails and engraved falcons, plastic coated and washable inside. For the falcon' s comfort, there are very good elaborate site on moss, wich are made of light-cloth, and can be changed. The displacement is easy to do, thanks to handle wich is inside very good stability in car during the transport. - So1.ref Octagonal (4 Falcons) (l=55cm, L=55cm, h=20cm)…….…500, 00 € - Sq2.ref Square (4 Falcon) (l=45cm, L=45cm, h=20cm)……...…....400, 00 € - Sr3.ref Rectangle (2 Falcons) (l=45cm, L=30cm, h=20cm )……...300, 00 €

Trasport box

Transport box


Transport box for falcons and hawks with washable lining, very pratical indispensable for travel. (l=62cm,L=41cm,h=35cm)